Terms of use

Oma Technologies, S.L. (hereinafter, Omatech), with registered address at Carrer Pi i Maragall 7, Bajos 2ª, 08024 Barcelona, and tax ID code B-62567318, provides online services under the brand through the main website at the URL (“the website”) in accordance with these general terms and conditions.
Use of the website, in addition to the services offered therein, shall, in principle, be free of charge. Notwithstanding, this circumstance may change in accordance with clause nine of these general terms and conditions or owing to the general terms and conditions of use specifically regulating any of the extra services offered.
By accessing the website, the user demonstrates that he or she agrees unreservedly to these terms and conditions.
The user agrees not to use the website or the services offered by Omatech for activities that are unlawful, immoral or that run counter to public interest, and to use the site and services in accordance with the general terms and conditions. The user likewise agrees not to use the services for advertising and commercial activities, and he or she shall not send messages using a false identity or hide the source of the message in any way whatsoever.
Omatech acts solely as a communication service provider between the parties and holds itself free of liability for content which, in breach of these general terms and conditions, is sent by the parties. The user shall be responsible for the veracity and legality of such content. In particular, it is forbidden to use the services in order to send advertising or critical material relating to the service providers.
The user agrees to respect any restrictions on use of the website and its services which may be established by Omatech at any time.
Omatech cannot be held liable for errors occurring in communication, including deletion, incomplete transfer or delays to sending, and it does not guarantee that the transfer network will be operational at all times. Nor shall Omatech be liable if a third party, bypassing the security measures established by Omatech, accesses information or uses messages sent via the website in order to transmit computer viruses. Omatech has adopted all legally enforceable security measures for the protection of personal data given by users. Nonetheless, Omatech cannot guarantee that its security systems are invulnerable, nor can it guarantee that any personal data sent over the network will be completely secure and private. Omatech cannot assure the legality, reliability and utility of the content users transmit by using the website, nor can it assure the veracity or accuracy of such content. Omatech does not control the way users make use of the website and it cannot guarantee that they will do so in accordance with these general terms and conditions. Omatech does not verify or guarantee that services provided by third parties over the website are free of viruses that may affect a user’s computer equipment (software and hardware) or electronic documents and files stored on their computer system. Link devices that the website offers users are solely in order to make it easier for them to search for information available online. Omatech does not offer or market the products and services available on linked websites, nor does it assume any responsibility for such services and products.
Omatech may interrupt the service and immediately terminate a relationship with a user upon detecting any use of the website or the services offered therein which can be deemed as running counter to these general terms and conditions.
Omatech reserves the right to cease providing any of the services offered over the website without prior notice. It likewise reserves the right to unilaterally alter the layout and terms and conditions of the website, in addition to related services and terms and conditions for the use thereof, at any time and without prior notice.
Omatech may, at any time, amend these general terms and conditions or incorporate new terms and conditions for use of the website and/or related services, including ceasing to offer the services free of charge. Such amendments shall solely be applicable when they come into force.
This agreement is governed by Spanish legislation and in order to resolve any lawsuits that may arise in relation hereto, the parties submit to the Courts of Barcelona with express waiver of any other jurisdiction to which they may have recourse.